INVAO has beaten the market to the punch: The IVO Blockchain Diversified Bond is the world’s first-ever bond issued on the Ethereum blockchain:

  • The IVO ERC-20 token secures investor rights on a blockchain through the use of smart contracts
  • INVAO goes open-source on GitHub, providing full transparency regarding the IVO Bond’s token structure

Berlin – 1. October 2019. INVAO has issued the world’s first full-fledged bond on the Ethereum blockchain. The company has completed the Token Generation Event (TGE) for the IVO – Blockchain Diversified Bond (ISIN: LI0471823018), meaning all investor rights included in the securities prospectus accepted by the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein are now available in the form of an ERC-20 token. That makes the IVO Bond the first bond that lives exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain, with all bond shares being available only in the form of blockchain-based tokens.

The Token Generation Event took place on 27th September 2019 and all units of the IVO Token (IVO) were created on the Ethereum blockchain. INVAO achieved this milestone shortly after the company has raised about half of its STO target volume of 20 million US-dollar.

A new standard for blockchain-based financial products

“Our IVO – Blockchain Diversified Bond does not only grant ownership rights of a traditional Bond. IVO lives on the Ethereum blockchain and is only available in form of a digital token. On the contrary to other blockchain-based bonds, we are the first issuer that does not provide any paper-based bond certificates. Being fully digitized, IVO sets a new standard for blockchain-based financial products,”

Frank Wagner, CEO at INVAO Group

„As blockchain-based digitization of financial products has enormous future potential, we decided to provide the coding of the IVO Bond, including its smart contracts, to the public as open-source software.” The token structure and its mechanics are permanently accessible at GitHub. Other developers can use the software through a GNU-license for their own projects.

The IVO token was programmed on behalf of INVAO Group by Validity Labs in the city of Zug (Switzerland) and audited by MonteLabs in Savosa (Switzerland). The Berlin-based digital asset banking firm Finoa will store the tokens securely on behalf of INVAO and its investors. The company offers a fully digital custody solution for blockchain assets, compliant with all relevant PSD2 and EBICS regulations.


INVAO Group is a Blockchain Investment Management company with presence in Berlin, Liechtenstein, and Dubai. With a team of experienced traders, successful entrepreneurs, and investment professionals, INVAO develops tokenized financial securities enabling investors to participate in the growth potential of blockchain technology across various industries.

With its flagship product, the IVO – Blockchain Diversified Bond (ISIN: LI0471823018), INVAO enables investors to access a globally diversified portfolio of blockchain assets represented in one single token, providing a straightforward way to invest in blockchain as an asset class. Deploying AI-based automated trading strategies and active portfolio management, INVAO aims to outperform the market at all times while offering effective downside protection. Trading profits are reinvested in the value of the digital portfolio to ensure sustainable long-term value creation. The Financial Markets Authority Liechtenstein has accepted the IVO Bond’s securities prospectus.