IVO Blockchain
Diversified Bond

The IVO – Blockchain Diversified Bond enables investors to participate in the expected value growth in the blockchain market  via a professional financial product.

The underlying portfolio consists of the most liquid crypto assets that are hedged against market risks using a software-based approach. In addition, automated high frequency trading is used to achieve arbitrage and quantitative profits independent of the overall market performance.

✓ Software based portfolio management

✓ Automated trading with high-end technology

✓ Professional financial product with social impact

Management of a Diversified Blockchain Portfolio

Blockchain as an
Asset Class

The IVO – Bond Investment Model


The performance of the IVO Bond benefits from an automated trading system that uses an algorithmic approach to manage a portfolio of blockchain assets.

Investment decisions are made by means of a generic, algorithmic filter analysis, which compiles liquid blockchain assets according to fundamental and technical criteria to create an optimal portfolio mix an a daily basis.

The respective portfolio mix of the blockchain asset pool (BAP) is actively managed by a proprietary software system in order to actively hedge all positions.

The trading system also exploits the inefficiencies and high volatility of the blockchain markets to generate profits through high frequency trading with arbitrage and quant strategies among crypto exchanges.

Leon Louw
Free Market Foundation and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.

IVO Blockchain
Diversified Bond


Yield participation from liquid blockchain assets

Active Risk Management

AI based management of the most liquid blockchain assets with advanced risk hedging.

Diversified Portfolio

Diversification from traditional investments for portfolio hedging due to low correlation to other asset classes.

Automated Trading

Profit potential in all market phases from fully automated arbitrage and quantitative trading.

Accepted Investors

Word wide, except retail investors in Germany, as well as all investors domiciled in the USA, Iran, North Korea and China.

ISIN: LI0471823018
Maturity: 10 Years
Liquidity: Free float on secondary market

Issuance Price: 0.32 $
Subscription Fee: 3,5 % (one-time)
Redemption: NAV at maturity

Recent Trading Performance

BAP vs. Overall Market (1 Dec 2018- 15 Mar 2020) 1

1 The performance shows the value appreciation of the BAP (NAV increase) compared to the market index of the 30 largest crypto assets, taking into account all deposits and withdrawals made on a daily basis as an absolute amount for a sample of a $100 investment and as a weighted index percentage increase.
Robin Behlau
Co-Founder und CEO Aroundhome (Käuferportal)
Blockchain assets have outperformed almost every other asset class in terms of risk-adjusted returns over the past decade. The IVO bond provides a convenient opportunity to invest in this alternative asset class – legally compliant and tax-optimized. This is exactly what I was looking for.
Carsten Hermann
Founder of MMT & HYPEBOX®
The entry and management of crypto investments still comes with many obstacles. Observing the blockchain markets is extremely time-consuming and challenging. That’s why I decided to rather invest in INVAO. Through the actively managed financial product, my investment is safeguarded and in the hands of professionals.
Sascha Sauer
Founder and CEO at diva-e Digital Value Enterprise GmbH
Crypto-assets are expected to generate a very high level of appreciation. But in view of their high volatility, it is difficult not to lose the profits a moment later. The IVO bond has so far consistently outperformed the market. INVAO has thus proven that they excellently master their business.
Dr. Steffen Zoller
Investor and Advisor
Investing in crypto currencies and blockchain projects is as promising as it is difficult. I really need to understand the dynamics of this new market and how to manage my investments. INVAO has already a proven track record of success in this new asset class. That’s why I decided to leave the management to them and join the IVO bond.
Frederik Fleck
Serial Entrepreneur
The crypto-marks are still very inefficient. This offers unique trading opportunities for professional software systems. INVAO started to build and operate such systems early enough. The previous performance of the IVO bond proves that it works. I also want to participate in these opportunities and have gladly invested.
Lutz Scherf
Tax Advisor
I love the fact that a financial product like IVO Bond invests some of its profits in ecological and social initiatives. So part of my profits also benefit those who are most in need. That was an important reason for me to invest.

IVO Bond Documents

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Security prospectus accepted by FMA Liechtenstein


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Bitcoin and other Blockchain applications change the world. Take advantage of enormous growth opportunities with an actively managed financial product for crypto assets. Reserve your subscription right to the IVO bond.

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