Your Digital Assets

With INVAO, investors can participate in the value potential of digital assets directly in their accounts while retaining full access to their digital wealth.

A portfolio of the most promising digital currencies and blockchain tokens is hedged against downside risks and continuously adjusted according to market dynamics to maintain a balanced risk-reward ratio.

Protect Your Digital Wealth

Managed Risk for High Reward


The service includes the management of the most promising digital assets in the name and for the account of the investors.

With diversification into different digital assets and trading strategies, the risks of individual assets are reduced and the long-term return potential raised.

Digital assets are automatically hedged with INVAO’s proprietary software and traded using quantitative data models to maximize returns.

Investors retain full access to their digital assets without INVAO being able to withdraw them.

Managed Digital Asset Accounts


Hedged returns in all market cycles

Digital Asset Governance

Selection, hedging and trading of the most promising blockchain-based assets

Risk Minimized

Diversification into different digital assets and trading strategies for a balanced ratio of risk and return

AI based Trading

Sentiment immune automated trading based on quantitative data models and proven algorithms

In Your Account

Investors retain full access to their accounts without INVAO being able to withdraw any digital assets

Service and Transparency

Assistance and support for account opening, reporting, or digital asset topics

Issuer / Manager:
INVAO Trading AG
Investment Strategy:
Systematic, Quantitative, Risk Averse
Managed Assets:
Exchange traded digital currencies and utility token

Minimum Subscription:
USD, EUR, CHF 100.000
Redemption Notice
2 business days

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This website and all related documents are intended exclusively for institutional or professional investors.

Retail investors and all investors residing or doing business in officially blacklisted countries are currently not eligible for the service.

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