Protecting your digital wealth

Managed risk for high reward

Digital assets have been the best-performing asset class over the past ten years. Growth prospects remain excellent, but high volatility is a barrier to entry.

INVAO’s managed accounts ensure that you can sleep well at night while experienced professionals take care of your portfolio. 

We continuously adjust and rebalance your asset allocation based on trends and new market insights. With INVAO, volatility is your friend, as it enables you to outperform the market.

All trading happens directly in your own account via our actively managed trading algorithms. That means you have complete transparency at all times, can supervise the trading, and sell your holdings 24/7 without any additional fees or penalties. We give you complete control and peace of mind, and we protect your wealth while enabling you to reap the benefits of this new asset class.

INVAO managed accounts at a glance


Use volatility to your advantage by actively trading the most promising crypto assets


You keep full access to your accounts without INVAO being able to withdraw any funds

& insights

Support for account opening, reporting, and regular market insights. Call us anytime!


24/7 eyes on your portfolio! If markets run hot, we move into cash and reduce your exposure

& liquidity

Log into your account to see your positions. Sell anytime without fees or penalties


Issuer / Manager
INVAO Trading AG
Investment Strategy
Active, systematic, quantitative
Managed Assets
Exchange-traded digital assets

Minimum Subscription
USD, EUR, CHF 100,000

Managed accounts for wealth manager

The one-stop-solution for your clients’ needs

Family offices, financial advisers, and asset managers need to provide their clients digital asset exposure but may not have the expertise, infrastructure, or legal setup to do it all alone. We provide an easy and legally compliant solution.

All assets remain directly in your clients’ accounts, so you remain in the advisory role at all times.

You can log into your clients’ accounts to keep an overview and master your mandate.

We provide white-label reporting tools, up-to-date market insights, and training for your account managers and trading professionals upon request.

With INVAO, you receive a legally compliant one-stop-solution. Broaden your offering, serve your clients’ needs and gain new clients.

Get ready for the digital age!

Professionals rely on us

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Diversification is key to investment success, and every investor should have crypto exposure. Book a session with one of our digital assets professionals and let’s talk about your portfolio. (free of charge)

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