Blockchain Accounts

With a tailored strategy implemented by INVAO, professional investors can participate in the expected value growth of the entire block chain market.

The underlying portfolio consists of the most liquid blockchain assets that are hedged against market risks using a software-based approach.

The blockchain assets are managed directly in the investors’ accounts so that they retain full access control without INVAO being able to withdraw them.


Blockchain as the investment opportunity of this decade

The Investment Model

The service implements a dedicated and customized strategy to manage liquid and exchange listed crypto assets on behalf of customers individually and separately from other investors.

The active portfolio management benefits from an automated trading software that uses an algorithmic approach to compile and hedge a daily optimized portfolio of blockchain assets.

Investment decisions are made by means of a generic, algorithmic filter analysis, which compiles liquid blockchain assets (Blockchain Project Token and Cryptocurrency Coins) according to fundamental and technical criteria to create an optimal portfolio mix on a daily basis.

The respective portfolio mix of blockchain assets is actively managed in order to reduce the volatility of daily market movements through downside protection.

Managed Blockchain Accounts


Yield participation from Blockchain utility token and payment coins.

Diversified portfolio

Diversification for portfolio hedging due to the low correlation of crypto to other asset classes.

High yield opportunity

Above average participation in the value growth of the blockchain market.

Portfolio management

Blockchain portfolio management on the account of investors within an individual strategy

Full asset control and transparency

Investors retain access rights of their assets without INVAO being able to withdraw them.

Risk management

AI based management of the most liquid blockchain assets with software supported risk management.

Issuer / Manager:
INVAO Trading AG
Investment Strategy:
Systematic, Quantitative, Risk Averse
Managed Assets:
Exchange traded payment coins and blockchain utility token

Minimum Subscription:
USD, EUR, CHF 250.000
Redemption Notice
10 business days

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Invest professionally in Blockchain

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