How to join the IVO Bond


Agreement on the participation in the initial issue of the IVO bond
As soon as the investor has decided to participate in the initial issuance of the IVO bond, INVAO sends the investor an Investment Agreement for the purchase of the digital bond shares (IVO Token). In this contract, the investor commits to transfer the investment amount to INVAO and INVAO commits in return to issue the corresponding number of IVO Tokens to the investor.


Transfer of the investment amount via €, $, CHF, Bitcoin or Ether
Once the Investment Agreement has been signed, the investor transfers the investment amount to INVAO’s bank account at Volksbank Liechtenstein in either Euro, US dollar or Swiss franc. In case of paying the Investment Amount in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ether), INVAO will specify the respective wallet addresses for the transfer. INVAO will inform the investor immediately once the payment has been credited to the respective account.


Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Procedure
To meet all legal requirements, both INVAO and the receiving bank are obliged to verify the identity of the investor (KYC – Know Your Customer) and the origin of the funds (AML – Anti-Money Laundering). INVAO will request all necessary information from the investor and resolve the KYC/AML procedures with the receiving bank.

If the investor is a private individual, a copy of the passport and the current address will be sufficient. A LinkedIn profile is also helpful. In addition, an explanation is required to clarify the source of funds for the investment (e.g. inheritance, entrepreneurial activity, savings, etc.).

If the investor is a fund, a holding company, a company, a trust, etc., a commercial register excerpt or similar official certificate of incumbency to confirm the registration number and registered office address will be required as well as a copy of the passport/ID document of the Director acting on behalf of the non-person and of all UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) who own 25% or more of the investing company.

As soon as this has been completed, the amounts paid will be released to INVAO.


Transfer to a wallet or custodian
Once INVAO received the payment of the Investment Amount, the IVO Tokens will be transferred to the investor. Since IVO is designed as a digital security, it is stored in a digital wallet.

The most convenient and secure method to set up and to maintain such a digital wallet is to use a certified custody service provider (similar to a custody account at a bank). Such custodian manage the digital wallet for the investors and IVO is compatible with almost all providers. Through the appointed custodian, the IVO tokens are then received and securely stored. Investors can access their wallet similar to online-banking using a username and password combination to see the value of their IVO Token positions at any time.

INVAO will recommend certified custody providers. However, the investor is free to use a custodian provider of his choice or any alternative forms of custody (e.g. its own wallets, etc.).

In any case, INVAO takes care of the transfer and receipt of the IVO Tokens so that everything runs smoothly.


Remaining with custodian bank or digital wallet
The tokens remain with the custody service or in the respective digital wallet until the investor wishes to sell them on any secondary market or redeem them at maturity to INVAO.

As soon as the IVO tokens are listed at public exchanges, the current market price can be seen to the minute. As long as this is not the case, the value of the IVO token results from the net value of all assets currently in the blockchain asset pool divided by the number of issued shares (tokens) of the IVO bond. This information will be available for token holders via the INVAO website. Using such information allows investors to track the overall performance of their investment.


After completion of the token sale on specialized crypto exchanges or with specialized brokers
Once the primary token sale has been completed, the digital bond shares (IVO Tokens) can be freely traded on any secondary market, either via specialised brokers (OTC – Over The Counter) or via crypto exchanges where the tokens are listed. Investors can thus offer parts or their entire IVO position to the market for sale at any time.

INVAO itself will also regularly repurchase tokens from the market. The Buy-Back & Burn program, with which INVAO itself will ensure demand and liquidity in the market from 20% of its net profit, serves this purpose. Token Holders can also buy additional bond shares at any time, i.e. increase their positions by purchasing additional IVO Token on the open market. The new tokens are then also stored at the custody provider or at the investors’ wallet.


By INVAO after 10 years
On maturity of the IVO bond at the end of the year 2029, INVAO repurchases all bond shares (IVO Tokens) that are still in the market. INVAO will contact all IVO Token holders to buy back all remaining IVO Tokens via its website and pay out the equivalent value in US dollar or Euro to the token holders. Token holders will have a full year to redeem their tokens.

The redemption price then represents the net asset value (NAV) in US dollar of all blockchain assets managed by INVAO at the time of maturity divided by the remaining tokens.

At any stage, INVAO will individually support and accompany all steps.

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